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BCAcademy Subscriber Math

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The lecture series pulls from three different sources ( Classroom, Khan Academy, and Math is Fun) to provide you, the student, all the course material you will be required to know for the admissions exam. The lessons are organized into 10 separate lessons covering dozens of different mathematical topics (all the topics covered on the admissions exam) presented in written form and through video tutorials.

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The diagnostic exams match the same topics covered in each lesson of the lecture material. Each exam is dynamically generated based on your answers and in order to pass you must demonstrate the ability to correctly answer topic based questions of varying difficulty. By the time your student completes this structured part of the course he or she will be proficient in all the math topics covered on the exam.


Tutoring Course Add-On:

Come join us for tutoring sessions in math and essay writing  to ask questions and go through practice problems. This is the best option to guarantee your student follows a defined schedule, gets the practice hours needed to excel on the exam, and also closer personal attention. Individual classes 2 or more times per week cover the various lessons and the best part…the tutoring sessions continue all the way up through your exam date.

*The tutoring classes are an independent premium course from the BCTS subscriber course included here-in. The proper comparison is to think of the subscriber course like Codecademy, but for the admissions exam rather than programming and the tutoring classes are just that; tutoring. Click the button below to purchase tutoring classes or continue above to follow the BCTS subscriber course.

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