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Why consider us for your SAT preparation?

Our small classes are taught by top SAT scorers and target a limited group of potential elite scorers to help them achieve their goals. Unlike other test prep factories that teach to the lowest common denominator, we only accept a limited number of promising students each season and do not include more than 4-6 students per class to provide close personal attention to each student. Moreover, we deliver our SAT course for the price of most large group classes; it is like getting one on one tutoring from M.I.T. or Harvard grads for only $25 per hour.

SAT Tutoring Comparison
Standard Private Tutoring Princeton Review
Classroom Time 32 hours 10-20 hours 25 hours 18 hours
Class Size 4-6 1 50 20+
Class Term Up to 2 months Not Applicable Up to 2 months Up to 2 months
Experienced Instructors 99th Percentile Yes Yes Yes
Includes 3 Hours Private Tutoring Yes Yes No Yes
Class Price $800 $2000+ $699 $899
Hourly Equivalent $25 $150+ $28 $50
Individual Tutoring $50/hr up to $200/hr $167/hr $190/hr

BCATestPrep SAT classes are billed monthly with no cancellation fees and not limited to two months. The time period used is for comparison purposes only. All options detail online SAT group class test preparation courses. Prices include best available promotions for all providers as of 8/1/2018.

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Experience – 99th percentile instructors, 99th percentile target results.

We have provided admissions test preparation to high achieving students for the most competitive high schools in the Northeast like Bergen Academies, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, and Stuyvesant. However, until this year, we have only offered SAT courses to students at TJHSST (consistently the #1 average SAT scores in the country). This school year, for the first time, BCA students can take advantage of the same rigorous, specialized training to achieve their best on the PSAT or SAT exam.

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