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This season we have included for subscribers the syllabus previously only available to tutoring students. No need to decide where to start and what to study next? Your study plan is included in the BCACADEMY course! It is like Codecademy, but for the BCTS.

Included are video and written instruction material from three different sources divided into 10 lessons. Additionally, nearly 100 practice drills and diagnostic exams are organized by lesson so by the time you complete every lesson you will have covered every skill category needed for the BCTS math exam. Select the BCACADEMY Subscriber BCTS Math Course on your student dashboard and enroll for free as a subscriber. Remember, the exams are separate questions and content so be sure to practice those in parallel with the subscriber course to gauge your improvement. Last, but not least be sure to enroll for tutoring for only $100 per month. It is the best way to get personal attention from an experienced tutor, learn some special tips and strategies, and guarantee you commit the extra hours of needed practice time to excel on the BCTS admissions exam.

Instruction Material From 3 Sources

Nearly 100 Diagnostic and Practice Drills

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