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Do I need tutoring or is the subscription course enough?

The answer is simple. In every case I would at least get started on a subscription plan because it is extremely cost effective and most good students who put in 30-40 hours to complete the course will ace the BCTS math exam & essay test. As for additional tutoring, the truth is many of these good students will not put in the consistent hours necessary week in and week out without some guidance or a push. Chances are your child’s life is busy and there will be distractions.

Ask yourself one question. Does my student need a guaranteed regular schedule or perhaps personal attention to learn from their mistakes? If, like many of you, the answer is yes then we suggest tutoring. Too often we see students scoring well, but not quite good enough and we wonder why not get the extra consistency and benefit of tutoring? Note, the subscriber plan is included with tutoring.

What are my options for test preparation?

More Preparation Options Available:

It used to be true that you had two options only; a test prep book for $10-$20 or an expensive tutoring course for over $1,000 up to possibly $2,000 or more. That has changed to your benefit. Of course no preparation is an option too and although there are always a few exceptional students who ace the exam with little preparation, for every one of them there are numerous straight A students who do not perform as hoped. The evidence is overwhelming! Preparation helps improve scores and that includes any of the choices above which are all good options. For example, the acceptance rate for many good tutors is in excess of 50% when average admission rates are under 20%. This implies that students who do not get tutoring have admission rates below 20%. Let’s review your basic options.

Tutoring Course

Tutoring courses have a proven history of helping students improve their chances, but they traditionally also come at a premium price. Many students simply cannot afford to spend upwards of $1,000 and close to $2,000 in many cases to get ready for one test. Fortunately, offers tutoring courses that deliver similar results and hands on attention for a fraction of the cost!

Test Prep Book

Traditionally, the other available option for getting ready has been a test preparation book. Fortunately, a good test prep book can be helpful at minimum cost especially for a motivated student, but it is also limited in content and features. e.g. a student cannot ask questions or write in to customer service and get timely replies. Subscription is a relatively new online option that successfully helped many students improve their scores and gain admission over the last two years. The mission of is to provide quality, affordable test preparation to most any student who desires to excel on the BCTS entrance exam. As such, the online subscription packages are priced within the ballpark of a book, but offer extensive content only available from extremely expensive tutoring courses. These include 20 timed and graded practice exams and problem sets as well as practice drills including hundreds of additional problems applicable to the Bergen County Technical Schools admission exam and video tutorials to educate students. The service offers certain interactive features to allow subscribers, in some ways like tutoring students, to ask questions and get answers about problems, get reviews of essays, and even contact customer service. This is by no means a full list of features, but has proven to be a compelling value alternative in between the previous two polar extremes. Tutoring Course

By far the best premium value option, is offering an online tutoring course with live classes offered several times per week plus additional content for students right up to their exam day. It guarantees your student commits the time and gets the most personal attention. True to our mission the tutoring course is designed not to break the bank and it is available at a fraction of the price of other brick & mortar tutoring courses. Included in tutoring is our popular interview prep classes for students invited back to the next round which was the case for the large majority of our tutoring students. We not only sent a large fraction of our students to BCTS campuses, but they typically scored at the top of their class on placement tests as well. Enroll now!

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