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          Practice Drills consist of random, rapid fire math problems designed to push your limits and improve your mastery of numbers. The questions are shorter and less complex than the exam, but do not let that fool you into thinking you should not regularly practice your drills.  They will improve your exam related fundamental skills and speed. We challenge you to improve your scores and see if you can break onto our top 10 leader-board!

Practice Drills

Math Drill

Math Drill (no timer)

More (Difficult) Algebra-Word Problems is one of the skill builder practice units that students most often avoid, but the data suggests it may be the most important unit to master! Take the practice drill to see why.

Updated Practice Units

Improved Factors practice units.

Prime Factor Trees

All New! Build your Prime Factor Trees.


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Skill Builders By Category

Converting Decimals-Fractions-Ratios-Pct

Counting Factors

Decimal Places


Even(Odd), Signs, Absolute value




Greatest Common Factors

Least Common Multiples

Orders of Operations

Prime Factors

Prime Numbers

Ratio and Percent Probelms

Square Roots and Squares

Intro Algebra – Word Problems

More (Difficult) Algebra – Word Problems

Prime Factorization Tree 1

Prime Factorization Tree 2

Prime Factorization Tree 3

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