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Benefit from our experience. We provide admissions prep to over one dozen of the most competitive high schools in the Northeast—TJHSST, Stuyvesant, Bergen Academies, & more. Our admission rates are among the best in the business.

The SAT is our specialty, and our unique process sets us apart. We consistently deliver the best results in the state. In December, our SAT students all scored above 1510. In March, they all scored above 1420. Starting to get the picture?

The ACT exam and the new SAT are more alike than ever. Need to decide which is best for you without taking an entire day of your valuable time to decide? Considering both? Either way, we can help.

Do you need help in math or writing? Or are you looking to accelerate ahead of the pack? We provide additional tutoring to students of all levels for as little as $50 hourly and can help you prep for the SST/ISEE or the John Hopkins CTY Program & more.

Why do families choose our programs?

Challenging Programs

We train students from middle school through college admissions to achieve their goals and succeed at the next level.

Expert Advice

The online platform allows us to source the best dedicated instructors—M.I.T. and Harvard—without local area limitations.

Maximum Engagement

Our small group classes provide close personal attention, and periodic parent reviews keep you involved and up to date.


Our students consistently perform in the top 2% on national and state exams, but regardless of your level, we can help.

Our commitment to value & results.

For the fifth year in a row, we have not only broken the myth that online tutoring and test prep is somehow lesser in quality, we have shattered it! We start with a core group of highly committed, talented instructors whom we can source from M.I.T. or Harvard—outside the local area—without limitations. Our approach is different from top to bottom in many ways, not merely because of the results we deliver. We make it our mission to deliver affordable test prep options and valuable advice. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us year after year.

Competitors' Seasonal Tutoring Courses
Competitors' Seasonal Tutoring Courses
Admission Guarantee


Value Guarantee


Awesome Instructor!

Thank you so much for helping me study. I found that it was extremely hard to learn from my current math teacher, and you really helped me understand the material I missed. You’re easy to learn from and this class has really helped me get better at algebra.

I got in!

I wanted to share that I have been accepted into BCA’s Academy of AEDT. I wanted to thank you for all the help that you have given me with your class. I found your classes very helpful.

I scored 1570 on my SAT!

I’ve been working with you guys (BCATestPrep) for my Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc. On my first attempt, I scored 1570 on my SAT. I am so happy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Wonderful service.

I scored 36 on the ACT and will be attending Columbia in the fall. Simply want to say thank you for your wonderful service. The flexibility of coming home late after practice and joining class was invaluable.

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