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Join our growing list of perfect scorers from the March SAT!

“A full BCTS study course for about the price of one hour with a tutor!”


All new online course (like Codecademy, but for the admissions exam).

Practice Exams
Practice Exams

Over 20 challenging, full-length exams timed & graded. Similar content tutors charge over $1,000 to provide.

Instruction Units
Instruction Units

The most comprehensive video classroom courses available covering every topic area on the BCA admissions exam.

Practice Drills
Practice Drills

Popular time pressured math drills and skill builders by topic.

Q&A Wall
Q&A Wall

Ask questions and get answers from online tutors.

Get Started
Get Started

Subscription prices $50 or less. In addition, tutoring options for only about $5/hr.

“BCTS admissions tutoring – Peace of mind that your child is getting the personal attention and guaranteed hours of practice to excel on the admissions exam.”

  • It’s not too late to start now!
  • Only $99.95 monthly
  • The #1 choice for BCTS test prep!
  • Several BCTS classes per week (now MCVTS too)
  • All classes recorded
  • Subscription now included with tutoring
  • Do I need tutoring?

You guys were awesome thank you. See you in a few more years when my other child has to use this site.

After subscribing we decided to try extra tutoring. . .best decision we ever made!

“How it works”

Choose Level

Subscriber Level:

Under $50 to access 20 practice exams, video & written instruction units, nearly 100 practice drills & diagnostic exams, access to our tutors, detailed performance reports, and the all new BCAcademy course to organize and enhance your study.

Tutoring Level:

Under $100 per month for live, online math & essay exam tutoring throughout the fall of 2016 until the January exam date. Simply put, this is the best value in tutoring and our students not only achieved top admission exam scores, but placed at the top level for new BCTS student placement exams.

Who We Are and its sister site are the leading providers of online test preparation for entrance exams to some of  the most competitive high schools in the northeast including Bergen Academies, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science & Technology in the DC area, Stuyvesant in NYC, and many other specialized high schools. We send more students to these top schools than any other! Our courses are designed by tutors who have graduate degrees from M.I.T. and are themselves perfect scorers on standardized exams like the SAT. We can teach you the strategies and methods to improve your score.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I got into my first choice…my dream high school!                           Andy S.


Fantastic program! It really allowed Sarah to work around our schedule with positive results.                    –Parent

Lessons Organized by BCA Categories

For each skill, you’ll learn the content you need to know, and discover top BCA strategies from high-scoring experts. Then you’ll improve your skill with focused practice on dozens of realistic practice problems in each category. Each problem comes with detailed answer explanations so you’ll learn from your mistakes.


The Most Practice Tests Available integrates up to 20 challenging BCA practice tests as part of your study program and makes even more available if you choose. Why pay a tutor over $1,500 for real Bergen Academies math tests? Use realistic timing conditions so you’re prepared for the real thing. Best of all, you’ll see your actual BCA math test score improve over time.


Ask Questions

Interact with our tutors and get answers to your questions. This is your chance to ask questions about any problem and improve your understanding of the material.


Diagnostics for Every Exam

Track your progress as you improve on With a complete record of lessons and practice tests, coupled with our smart analytics, you’ll see every improvement you’re making in each BCA category.

Drills are not just more problems

Practice Drills are designed to be more than just extra practice test problems. They are the BCA equivalent of, “practicing your multiplication tables.” Continued and repeated practice will help you improve your skill and comfort with the basic concepts and calculations used in the BCA exam. Our extremely popular math drills are designed to be done in the car, on the bus, or anywhere on the go. We are mobile ready. Remember, you will not have a calculator for the exam!

Don’t forget about your essays. Included with every subscription, our essay section allows you to submit practice essays, get feedback, and improve your writing skills for the essay section of the exam.

Rock the Bergen County Academies Exam!

We’re so confident you’ll improve your score, we’re offering the only +4 point guarantee. That may not sound like much, but it is equivalent to one full grade. The typical student following our course outline will improve his/her score by even more. Unlike the SAT, you only have one chance to take the BCA exam. What is the cost to you of being less than fully prepared?

Students who completed our course increased their chances for admission several times and more of our hard working students who spent about $50 to prepare for their exam outperformed the students sitting next to them who spent $2,000 and upward at a tutor. 


“Don’t forget to sign up for the exam before the exam November math competition. Tell your friends. Details to follow. Winners by town announced.”

Sharpen your skills for the Bergen County Technical Schools entrance exam!

Try it risk free for up to 1 week. If you are not happy, cancel with one click.*

“We are also the most popular online test prep provider for the specialized high schools in NYC. Practice similar free tests at our sister site.”

Now includes links to MattTeaches.U video solutions in one minute or less for every SHSAT student handbook math practice test problem dating back to 2008!


“ will teach you how to improve your score on the Bergen Academies exam.”

New Reporting Features Unavailable Anywhere Else!

Track Your Results Like Never Before.

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