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  • Monthly access
  • Premium Package
  • Includes Classrooms, Drills
  • All Practice Exams,
  • Automatically recurring
  • Risk free trial for 5 days
Quarterly + 3 Exam Review
  • 3 Live Classes (5-6 hrs)
  • Quarterly Access
  • Premium Package
  • All Practice Exams, Drills
  • Classroom Units
  • One time billing
  • Risk free trial for 5 days


*A smarter way to get started.*


  • Annual access
  • Premium Package
  • Includes All Practice Exams,
  • Classroom Units, Drills
  • One time billing
  • Risk free trial for 5 days

BCATestPrep Admissions Guarantee*

Smart consumers are our best clients. We guarantee if you attend our fall BCA tutoring course and do not gain admission, we will refund 50% of any course fees. Others talk about their success and years of experience. We stand behind it.

Summer/Fall/Annual BCA Tutoring Courses
      • Ready to become a top performer?
      • BCA Math & Essay Tutoring
      • Includes BCAcademy Online
      • Live Virtual Classroom
      • Experienced Instructors
      • Small Group Classes (8-10)
      • Flexible Schedules
      • *Admission Guarantee



Our Commitment to you
      • We don’t try to maximize
      • your child’s prep hours
      • and your dollar spend
      • like other test prep firms.
      • Our mission is to give you
      • options and build your trust
      • with better cost and time
      • effective solutions.
      • We even guarantee it.


One on One Hourly Tutoring
      • Need extra help?
      • Close personal attention
      • On focused topics
      • Access to top BCA instructors
      • without leaving home
      • for much less than $150/hr

Thanks for the help. I don’t think I would’ve gotten into Bergen Academies without this website! Thanks also for the (interview) tips, they were very helpful.

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